Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am pleased to announce that the Save the... Animals Zines have made it into their very first show! They will be available for sale at the Sicky Nar Nar Gallery in Savannah Georgia. The show features the unique work of Matt Jackson, as well as zines for sale by artists from all over!

"why georgia?"

i've been asked this a lot by my fellow Massachusetts natives, and it's really quite simple. They asked me via etsy if i wanted to take part in a show, and how could i say no? So if Georgia wants me, ask and they will receive.

The opening looks totally rad. It's tomorrow night (April 12th) from 7-10. so if your in the neighborhood, check it out (and send me pics!)

Monday, January 7, 2013

creative block

i feel like i've hit a creative wall with my etsy. don't get me wrong, things are going well- I've gathered over $10 for the buffalo field campaign, with the Save the Last Buffalo Zine. Which has also made it into five treasury lists, and onto eighteen people's favorites! even some of the blank note cards have gotten a bit of love. my least favorite pattern made it into a lovely winter wonderland treasury.

but what's next? I feel like I've built up all this momentum, but now i need a break! but as we all know Rome wasn't built in a day, and the best thing to cure creative block is to just work on something fun. so i have.

i received this gorgeous leather-bound book from my mom several Christmases ago. and for the longest time i couldn't think of what to put in it (aside from my daily rants and complaints). but as i got more and more interested in spirituality through nature, i decided that if i was going to pull from different beliefs, maybe i should write them down in my own Book.

at this point it has some memos about plant combinations for charms, which did/didn't work, some traits of spirit animals, the solstices, equinoxes, full and new moon dates, and a special calendar based around the zodiac verses traditional months.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

plants are my best friends

gold and white to match my mom's Christmas theme

now that i have graduated into adulthood, i've begun to experience something i never had time for before: seasons and holidays. there is something satisfying about dedicating time to decorate and craft to celebrate our current place in time. The winter holidays truly are an amazing way to herald in the long months of winter, by surrounding yourself with all the people who got you through the past year(s).

long story short. i decorated my plants for the coming holiday.

Seymour decorated for the holidays.

some of my plants are even reaching their first birthdays. like the Kalanchoe tomentosa ("Panda Plant") i grew from a cutting last December. i bought a whole bunch from Succulents Galore on etsy for an installation- and from then on i've been hooked. the Kalanchoe is affectionately known as Seymour.

baby Seymour - cutting december 2011

look how much he's grown! i have to say, I am a bit bummed at the stretch of growth he has at the top, especially after seeing how great he looks in this photo from august.

Friday, December 7, 2012

thoughts : what am i doing?

well, no one said this was going to be easy. I keep feeling frazzled as i hop back and forth from one experimental project to the next. trying to find that perfect combination of keeping it simple and enjoying myself. i'm pleased to say about one month in and i've sold two items! one was a set of the winter wonderland cards to a fellow massart alum and stunning artist, rose ranauro. the next was at Debra's Flowers in Holliston.

and yet with all this good news i still feel frazzled. what next? what do i make to sell next? I'm still working on getting the plush all up and together, as well as more felted objects (Deb is interested in felt acorns to sell in her shop), which i love to make, but requires a bit of a time investment.

then i was talking to a good friend on the phone and i realized how much i love stamps. i enjoy making new ones, stamping old ones, embellishing them, and whenever the urge arises i can carve them in a snap.

so now i'm thinking about making wrapping paper/prints, and possibly patches and/or tote bags i feel like this is the next step, but who knows, maybe it's not. anyway empty and amazing is still young and growing, and i never shy away from a new adventure.